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Yuuna Itou (21), a former idol who now works as a female college student entrepreneur, has revealed the idol group she is producing. On April 10 (Monday), the names of the group and the member candidates who passed the final audition were announced during a SHOWROOM broadcast.

The seven members are Sa-chan (Sana Oppata), Amita (Ami Niikura), Kocha☆ (Kotoka Kitami), Maho-tan (Maho Ashida), Kanonon (Kanon Suenaga), Yucchi (Yuuka Tsuji), and Rinati (Rina Matsukawa). All seven members are teenagers aged 12 to 18. With members from Hokkaido and Fukuoka, as well as a member of mixed Indonesian/Japanese descent, there is plenty of variation in this fresh line-up.

The group is called TOY SMILEY. Costumes selected by producer Yuuna Itou were also revealed for the first time during the broadcast. Almost 7,000 fans watched the moment these ordinary girls became idols, giving their support in front of their innocent expressions.

A large number of applications were submitted from around the country for the TKMK New Idol Audition. After a review of the documents, the second examination was conducted in early March. Approximately 50 candidates were evaluated by Itou on their singing and dancing abilities, as well as their personal appeals. The pool was then narrowed down to 15 candidates who then proceeded to the SHOWROOM examination phase in the middle of March where they could interact with fans for one week. At the final examination at the end of March, Itou instructed dance lessons and conducted individual interviews. Finally, seven members were selected.

A formal launch event, long-awaited by fans, will be held on April 29 (Saturday), after which the girls will begin their group activities. Regular monthly events will be held subsequently, along with regular SHOWROOM broadcasts in order to develop communication opportunities with fans. Furthermore, activities are being planned for the coming Golden Week in May. Event details and further information will be delivered on the official Twitter account and the soon-to-be-ready official website. Members will also be able to write their own words in an official blog. There is no doubt that fans will place great attention on TOY SMILEY in 2017, a year with many drastic rises and falls in the idol industry.

Idol Group Name

TOY SMILEY (abbreviation: ToySuma)

  • TOY: Like a toy box, there is excitement in not knowing what's next in store.
  • Performances will be filled with excitement while—
  • SMILEY: Spreading smiles around the world.

Official Twitter: @TOY_SMILEY
Hashtag: #トイスマ


  • April 20 (Thursday): Sa-chan Birthday Celebration Broadcast @ SHOWROOM
  • April 27 (Thursday): Kanonon Birthday Celebration Broadcast @ SHOWROOM
  • April 29 (Saturday): TOY SMILEY Launch Event @ Harajuku Belle Époque Beauty College, School Building No. 2 Event Hall

TOY SMILEY Producer Yuuna Itou

Born in 1995, currently a university student.
At the age of 14, she entered auditions for the idol group Idoling!!! among 5,000 candidates and began working in the entertainment industry. After working in the industry for six years, she graduated from Idoling!!! in April 2015 and withdrew from entertainment work in August. After turning 21, she founded TKMK Inc. She is currently active as a female college student student entrepreneur, idol producer, as well as an events and marketing professional.

TKMK Inc. official website:
Yuuna Itou official Twitter: @yu na ito
Yuuna Itou official blog:


Toy Smiley 2017
Left to right: Maho-tan, Kanonon, Kocha☆, Rinati, Amita, Sa-chan, Yucchi

Sana Oppata
Sana Oppata 乙幡 さな (Sa-chan)
Grade: first-year middle school
Origin: Tokyo Metropolis
Birth date: April 20, 2004
Blood type: O
Youngest candidate in the auditions! A "12-year-old miracle".

Ami Niikura
Amita Niikura 新倉 あみ (Amita)
Grade: second-year middle school
Origin: Kanagawa Prefecture
Birth date: June 1, 2003
Blood type: B
Studied dance for nine years! Special skills are dancing and goldfish scooping!

Kotoka Kitami
Kotoka Kitami 喜多見 ことか (Kocha☆)
Grade: second-year middle school
Origin: Tokyo Metropolis
Birth date: October 8, 2003
Blood type: A
A musical child with overwhelming singing skills!!

Maho Ashida
Maho Ashida 芦田 まほ (Maho-tan)
Grade: third-year middle school
Origin: Fukuoka Prefecture
Birth date: August 14, 2002
Blood type: unknown
Fall in love with the Fukuoka dialect! A 14-year-old who dreams of living in Tokyo.

Kanon Suenaga
Kanon Suenaga 末永 かのん (Kanonon)
Grade: first-year high school
Origin: Tokyo Metropolis
Birth date: April 27, 2001
Blood type: B
Perfect pitch! A 15-year-old improvised flute player.

Yuuka Tsuji
Yuuka Tsuji 辻 ゆうか (Yucchi)
Grade: second-year high school
Origin: Hokkaido
Birth date: October 7, 2000
Blood type: O
A naturally beautiful girl born and raised in Hokkaido!!

Rina Matsukawa
Rina Matsukawa 松川 りな (Rinati)
Grade: first-year university
Origin: Tokyo Metropolis
Birth date: September 10, 1998
Blood type: A
An 18-year-old who excels at studying four languages! Mixed Indonesian and Japanese descent.

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